About Us

The Matter Shoppe came about after our founder, Dana Lane, noticed herself placing orders from multiple online stores who sold eco-friendly goods.  The packages often arrived stuffed with plastic packing supplies.  She set out to curate a shop of products that aligned with her values and vision of replacing waste in the things people use everyday.

In 2018 Dana could not find a small bank willing to invest in her business idea.  She started collecting cans and bottles from local park cleanups, friends, and neighbors and turned them in to her local redemption center.  She also raised funds through fundraisers and sold small batches of her handmade artisanal soap.  This is how inventory was funded for this shoppe, and we intend to grow the capital we've built.  

We're on a mission to reduce single use and make "reusable" and "sustainable" convenient and accessible in the communities we serve.  We proudly partner with brands that have quality supply chains, ethical business practices, and positive social and environmental impacts.  Since there are few sustainably-focused retailers in our area, we want to provide a one-stop shop to our customers, not only online, but at our local farmer's and vendor markets around New England.