About Us

The Matter Shoppe was created to help battle household waste in a community where the only landfill is near capacity.  I found myself ordering from companies who seemed to fit the bill for eco friendly materials and ingredients, yet the packages often arrived stuffed with plastic packing supplies.  I set out to curate a shop of products that aligned with my values and vision of replacing waste in the things people use everyday.

In 2018, with no investment capital, I started collecting cans and bottles from local park cleanups, friends, and neighbors to turned them into our nearest redemption center.  I also raised funds through fundraisers, crowdfunding, and by selling small batches of my handmade artisanal soap.  This is how inventory was funded for this shoppe, and we intend to grow the capital we've built with the help of our community and take the pressure off of our flawed waste management systems. 

The Matter Shoppe was founded on a mission to reduce single use and make "reusable" and "sustainable" convenient and accessible in the communities we serve.  We proudly partner with brands that have quality supply chains, ethical business practices, and positive social and environmental impacts.  Since there are few sustainably-focused retailers in our area, we want to provide a one-stop shop to our customers, not only online, but at our local farmer's and vendor markets around New England. You will soon find us parked around Providence, RI in the first member of our fleet, A retired mail delivery truck named Frances.