Coconut Scourer

Coconut Scourer

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Highly durable, multipurpose coconut scourers Ideal for cleaning dishes, pots, stove tops, and bath tubs.

Designed with all the functionalities to deliver a superior clean in your home.  

  • Safe on non-stick fry pans
  • Non Scratch
  • Great on hard surfaces
  • Easily removes mold 
  • Naturally Antibacterial
  • Free from toxic chemicals 
  • Biodegradable
  • Sustainable
  • Made Plastic Free

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The bristles are made from sustainably farmed coconut husk's which is the outside of dried coconuts.

Let dry between uses

Paper BoxRecyclable in municipal recycling

Bristles: biodegradable, backyard compostable

Metal: Aluminum/metal wiring is 100% municipal recyclable